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Learn to dance Bachata in-studio In Belfast
with Live to Dance EU Team

Our Bachata classes are separated into 3 levels:





We teach a combination of Bachata Moderna, Dominican & Sensual.

You will be introduced to the Bachata rhythms & styles gradually from day 1.

Our Bachata Programme in Belfast is lead by teachers Paulina & Guillermo from P&G Bachata, they will be teaching the Intermediate & Footwork classes, and are currently supported by Adele teaching Improvers and Paul Holmberg teaching the Beginners.

We're offering both Solo & Partnerwork classes.

Solo classes do not require a partner. You will learn footwork, timing, body movement, rhythm and many aspects of Bachata to give you confidence dancing on your own.

Partnerwork classes mean dancing with someone else (1 person leads and 1 person follows). You can attend these classes on your own and be partnered with someone when you arrive or you can come with your own partner. We are NOT currently offering the option to switch partners. You will stay with the same partner for the whole class.

We'll be teaching you a mix of Bachata Moderna, Bachata Dominicana & Bachata Sensuale

Social Dancing & Non-Switch Dancing


Before Covid19 restrictions where in place, we would switch partners regularly throughout the class. Even if you attended with a friend or partner you would switch with other students. This helps Leaders and Followers to learn faster by understanding how to Lead or Follow with other people and creates a richer learning experience. 


Since the Covid19 restrictions have come into force we are not offering the option to switch, you will need to stay with the same partner for the whole class.