Class and workshop news for September and October 2018

Live to Dance EU is hosting a number of new workshops, courses and social dance parties in August and September 2018. Read all about it and make a note of the dates for your diary.

You will see cha cha basics, side basics, slides, 5 cha cha steps forward and a little syncopated cross behind.

I am often asked by my students about tools to help them understand the salsa instruments and rhythms. This topic in itself is HUGE.

Club style of Lation style Cha Cha is different to Ballroom style Cha Cha in several ways. Here's why...

We are very pleased to announce dates for our Salsa, Shake & Spa Dance & Fitness Break for ladies only with Adele on 8th to 11th October 2018

All classes will be drop in – you can pick and choose which you want to do. And if you don’t fancy doing a class then the...

The subject of recording your salsa classes on video is hotly debated amongst salsa instructors.

Some actively encourage you to record the things you have learned at the end of your lesson by demonstrating the move / techniques / footwork or routines.. others feel that...

When you first start learning to dance salsa socially, there is always an etiquette of your social dancing scene. Now this can vary slightly from city to city and indeed country to country, so it's always best to ask a longer standing member of the social dance scene f...

I've had a few questions recently regarding jazz shoes for salsa dancing.

These are just one option for your #salsadancing and will depend on how much or little support you feel you need. Jazz shoes don't have much support, not like a dance sneaker, but they do help you...

Important things to remember when you start learning to dance salsa

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