Our Covid Secure Plan


How will the class format change?

  • The Dance Studio & Rehearsal Hall will have clearly marked boxes to ensure physical distancing is maintained

  • Dance steps & class content will be adjusted to reduce travelling movements beyond your allocated box

  • We need to keep the energy levels steady, so music tempo will be moderate throughout each class (no fast crazy dancing)

  • Instructors will keep music volume a little lower than usual so they don't need to shout over the music

  • Partnerwork classes will be strictly no-switch - you will need to book and attend with your own partner who should either be from your own household or from your Covid support bubble if you have linked with 1 other household- You will need to stay together for the whole course. A dance partner that is not from your own house or support bubble is not acceptable

  • In the Partnerwork classes our Instructors will have their own teaching assistant and they will not be able to switch partner with you, or dance with you to correct the technique, they will however guide you through instructions & demonstrations

Class Booking Arrangements

  • All classes have to be booked online via the app or website, absolutely no drop ins

  • Our studio management software (PTMinder) restricts the numbers of bookings and places classes at ‘FULL’ so no further bookings can be taken if we reach maximum safe numbers per class

  • PTMinder will clearly show VIRTUAL or IN-STUDIO Classes when you book

  • PTMinder will clearly show SOLO or PARTNERWORK Classes when you book

  • PTMinder will auto-email you clear instructions for entering / exiting the building after you book a class

  • PTMinder requires people to complete a Health Questionnaire upon registering (once only)

  • PTMinder will remind you to complete a Covid Waiver Form on our website before EACH class - yes that's every time you plan to visit the studio please

  • Personal details may have to be provided to the Vault in the event of a Covid19 outbreak for track & trace purposes – Your information will not be released without your permission unless under these circumstances

Building Protocols

  • Foot or Hip operated bars have been installed on all fire doors

  • Other doors that are allowed to remain open have been fitted with fire-safe door holders so you don't need to touch any door handles

  • We have worked out a one-way walking system to the downstairs hall & dance studio - You will be required to wait outside in the car park until 10 mins before the class is due to start, at which time a member of our team will come and collect you and escort you through the building - IF YOU ARE LATE YOU MIGHT NOT GET IN

  • Before entering the building we will take your temperature with a no-contact thermometer - anyone with a temperature over 37.5 will be refused entry

  • You will be asked to wear your mask throughout the building - only removing this once the class is ready to start - masks must be put back on at the end of the class

  • You will be asked to use the no-touch automatic alcohol rub dispensers upon entry to either dance space, and again after the class & before leaving the dance space

  • We have our floor markings ready to go and our 'spaces' planned in grids to observe the social distancing (Sketched plans of Grid system attached)

  • Dance Studio capacity has been reduced to 10 students + 2 Instructors

  • Rehearsal Hall capacity has been reduced to 18 students + 2 Instructors

  • All chairs have been removed from the dance spaces

  • Each dance space will be aired and surfaces wiped before, in-between and after each class

Student Protocols

  • You will need to complete a Covid Waiver form online 24 hours BEFORE EACH CLASS

  • You will need to arrive 10 mins before the class is due to start and wait outside in the car park until your Instructor comes to collect the whole group

  • You will need to have your temperature checked upon arrival

  • You must report any Covid19 symptoms to us after your class & self-isolate as necessary

  • You will need to wear a face covering throughout the building until the class starts, and be asked to put the face covering back on before leaving the dance space

  • It is up to you whether you wear a face mask throughout the actual class

  • Classes will finish promptly and the Instructor will escort the whole class to the exit in one group

  • You will need to sanitise your hands before, during & after each class

  • There will be no hands on assistance, corrections or partnering any students by our Instructors

  • You will need to make sure that you bring sufficient amounts of water in secure bottles as we will not be able to allow you access to the kitchen or be able to hand out cups of water

Instructor Protocols

  • Temperature checks upon arrival

  • Commitment to report symptoms & self-isolate as necessary - we will inform any student who has attending a class with an Instructor who goes on to present symptoms of Covid19

  • Our Instructors will be required to wear a face covering throughout the building until the classes commences - Instructors may choose to wear a face covering throughout the class, although we are not enforcing this

  • Our Instructors will sanitise hands before, during & after each class

  • No hands on assistance, corrections or partnering any students

  • To remain with their allocated teaching Assistant for the duration of the course