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Ladies Latin Choreography Courses

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Welcome to our Ladies Latin Choreography 8 Week Online Courses.


OUr 8 week online classes are every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8pm with the live class broadcast through Zoom. Our next new choreography piece starts on Weds 2nd September 2020 and is for 8 weeks.

There is no requirement to perform, these sessions are about having fun with the girls and improving your own confidence and dance technique.

Why Ladies Styling?

If you are a Latin dancer, no matter which your preferred style, you will need to learn to move your body with elegance, grace, energy & flow. Ladies specifically need to master the art of body isolations (moving individual parts of their body at will)  and often there isn't sufficient time in a regular class to focus on this, especially with the men present. Therefore we take an opportunity to meet separately and focus on the movement of the lady's body.

Attending regular styling classes provides an excellent opportunity to focus on the mechanics of your body and learn enhanced techniques. Eventually you will be able to translate what you have learnt in the class to the development of your own individual style and creative interpretation with Latin music, especially when dancing solo or doing 'shines'.

What is the difference between the Ladies Latin Choreography Course and the 90 min Salsa Blast workshop in Ladies Salsa Styling?


Good question!


Yes, we do run 90 minute Ladies Salsa Styling workshops as part of the Salsa Blast workshop series. These focus specifically on Salsa styling and look at individual techniques with hips, shoulders, arms, rib cage & so on. They are not routines and we don't have time to look at much footwork.


The Ladies Latin Choreography Courses works on a routine and are a blend of many styles of Latin dance all rolled into one. You will work on your memory (of the routine) and learn to dance to different styles of music. Also it's a progressive workshop series meaning that each workshop builds on the routine & knowledge gained from the workshop before, and you will need to practice for a bit in between training sessions.

What will you learn in the Ladies Latin Choreography classes?

  • Body isolations - Shoulders, ribs, hips, pelvis etc and those elusive body rolls!

  • Latin hip action from foot placement & weight change at different tempos

  • Arm Styling - various styles from different Latin dances

  • Improved Posture

  • Control of your body

  • Footwork

  • Dance styles from Salsa, Cha Cha, Boogaloo, Pachanga, Hip-Hop, Rumba and Samba as we fuse them together in different routines

  • How to look sexy & sensual

  • Confidence in presenting yourself and your body on the dance floor

  • To dance like EVERYBODY is watching you!

How will you improve as a dancer?

  • Your will increase your fitness levels.. these sessions are a sweaty up-beat workout!

  • You will grow in confidence with your body, no matter what shape or size you are

  • You will grow in confidence on the dance floor and feel more comfortable when doing shines & styling with your partner

  • You will improve accuracy & speed when executing footwork

  • You will master those spins and turns without losing your balance and going dizzy


 What is my commitment?

  • Every Weds evening 7pm to 8pm - online via Zoom - for the duration of 8 week term

  • To stay in touch via our Facebook Group chat

  • To practice at home in between training sessions

  • Purchase of a pair of  high heeled dance shoes


How do I book?

Go to our class schedule page and go to Wednesday 2nd September 2020, our next 8 week start date. You can pay by any major Credit or Debit Card or Paypal

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