Salsa Bootcamp for Beginners Level 3

Beginners Accelerated 

A follow on course from the Beginners PLUS

Who is this bootcamp suitable for?

This Bootcamp is suitable for Beginners that have taken the Beginners Introduction & Beginner L2 Plus courses. Before joining this course you must know the following:

Beginners Introduction:

- Understand Salsa music and timing

- Closed Hold, Open hold, Double hand hold

- Back, Side & Mambo basics

- Left and Right Turns in place

- Cross Body Lead

- Reverse Cross Body Lead

- Pizza hand hold

- Pizza hand bridge to closed hold

Beginners Plus:

- Reverse CBL

- CBL walkthrough to right – open hold & double hand hold

- Man’s R Turn on 1,2,3 with immediate ladies R Turn on 5,6,7

- CBL with outside turn for ladies

- CBL with right turn for men - step turn & hook turn

- CBL with inside turn for ladies

- CBL with left turn for men - hand high and hand around torso

In the first 60 mins of the day you will be expected to warm up by social dancing and demonstrating your knowledge of the above elements from the Beginners Introduction and Beginners Plus courses.


We will recap all of above only briefly, then move into the Beginners Accelerated syllabus


11am to 4pm

Price: £30 per person

Vault Artists Studios (in the Dance Studio)

The Old Met College, Tower Street

Belfast, BT5 4FH

- Large free car park on site

- Please bring water / lunch / snacks for the break times