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Why you should invest in Jazz shoes for Salsa dancing

I've had a few questions recently regarding jazz shoes for salsa dancing.

These are just one option for your #salsadancing and will depend on how much or little support you feel you need. Jazz shoes don't have much support, not like a dance sneaker, but they do help you feel in contact with the floor more, allowing you to spread the weight over the ball of the foot.

I use #katzdancewear and buy their jazz shoes through Amazon. Click here:

Since I am a size 43..yes that's right a lady dancer with a size 43 it is harder to get lady's jazz shoes in my size so I tend to go for these instead. I go for the split suede sole, not the rubber sole for salsa (rubber is more grippy and we use that in other dance styles).

I recommend ladies to have a pair of jazz shoes for practice sessions, bootcamps etc when you don't want to be in your dance heels the whole time. Gents, when you start dancing you'll probably be wearing hard outdoor shoes which hurt when you tread on the ladies' toes (speaking from experience).

So ladies and gents these are a must have affordable option for your salsa dancing feet in my opinion!!

Honest Policy: Sometimes I use, review and promote products through links on my website or Facebook, if you click through the link and make a purchase I may earn a small % from the vendor, at no extra cost to you. I| only recommend products I use myself.

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