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ABOUT ADELE.. Creative Director & Club Style Principle Instructor

Adele currently offers weekly dance classes in Salsa, Ballroom, Latin, Dance Fitness and Wedding Dance Choreography both online through live Zoom Classes, Video Courses and in-person classes in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Adele was previously the Lifelong Learning Tutor for the Dance programme at Stranmillis University College, Belfast teaching a variety of Adult Learning classes during the academic year.


Adele teaches social dance classes for adults in groups or as private lessons, plus makes guest appearances as an instructor and DJ at dance events, dance workshops, bootcamps and holidays. 


As a Dance / Party Host Adele is well known for great music, entertaining the crowd and making everyone feel welcome. Adele is available for hire for Workshops, Private Lessons, DJing and Dance Hosting.

Adele can teach the following styles as required:

Ballroom (International Style): Slow Waltz, Quickstep, Slow Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz


Latin (International Style): Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba & Paso Doble

Social Dances: Social Jive & Social Foxtrot


Club Style Dances: Salsa, Cha Cha, Dominican Bachata, Bachatango and Merengue

Dance Fitness: Blitz & Barre, Dancercise, Strictly Solo Latin, Simply Stretch & Zumba

Dance Instructor and DJ For Hire:

Private Lessons, Dance Workshops & Wedding First Dance

Adele also specialises in dance tuition for weddings: Bride & Groom, Father & Daughter, Mother & Son, Bridal Party group dance etc.


Find out more about her wedding dance tuition packages

Look at our class schedule here


One Dance UK / REPS /

People Dancing

Adele Marsh, Biography

Adele started dancing at the tender age of 3, and trained in Ballet, Tap & Modern until the age of 11 when she swapped tutus for tassles... taking up Ballroom & Latin competitively until the age of 21.


Since 1998, Adele has been teaching and DJing on the UK social Salsa scene. Adele now focuses mainly on teaching the social Ballroom & Latin dances. From 2005, Adele has also combined her love of Latin Dance with Exercise to Music classes and is a fully qualified Fitness Instructor

Adele is known across the South East for both teaching and DJing regularly at Southend & Harlow Salsa and further afield in Northern Ireland for Salsa Belfast and Salsa Caliente. More recently Adele is supporting Joe Davids at The Latin Collective events and Enjoy Travel’s annual Costa Del Salsa event in Spain. Adele also runs her own residential dance holidays in Torquay with 3 or 4 night bootcamps designed to supercharge your dance learning experience.


Adele is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals and One Dance UK and teaches her Ballroom & Latin dance classes to IDTA syllabuses.

Adele is now a Professional Member of People Dancing, the foundation for community dance. As an organisation and membership body they support dance professionals worldwide in creating opportunities for people to experience and participate in dance, changing lives and transforming communities.  Adele shares their vision of a world where dance is a part of everyone’s life and their mission is to make dance important to all individuals, communities and society by promoting excellent dance practice.

People Dancing and Dance for PD® have, with the assistance of the Dance for Parkinson’s Network UK created training programmes to help dance practitioners gain knowledge and practical learning associated with the safe delivery of dance sessions for people with Parkinson's. Adele is currently undertaking this training, with the aim of being fully qualified by 2021.


Don't just take our word for it, see what our students are saying....


"Adele is an inspiration to all"

Dancing since May 2018

Four months into Adele's classes and now addicted. Adele's enthusiasm and love for dance is infectious. Her energy is empowering.
Adele keeps her classes fun with simple and easy to follow steps which in a short space of time enables you to actually dance.
I have found Adele very knowledgeable about the origins of the dances she teaches which I personally find very interesting.
The classes are welcoming and friendly for all ages. 
Thanks to Adele and her encouragement I am now have so much fun dancing.


"Excellent Latin/Ballroom dance classes by an amazing accredited teacher: Adele Marsh, amazing ❤"

Dancing since May 2018

Adele is an amazing teacher. She manages to keep her classes very fun whilst learning you from the very basic steps up to intermediate level. The mixture of Latin and ballroom classes means that you can learn a variety of dances with the same teacher. She breaks down the steps and ensures that you are able to complete these before moving onto the next. I am always amazed at the way Adele teaches me the routines - you seem to learn a few steps and suddenly she'll put them together and make you feel like you're properly dancing in no time at all. The routines are brilliant and varied and because she builds on these each time, I am not just doing the same moves over and over again. She is always encouraging and engages the whole class. I love the way she tells me about the history of the dances and how she varies the music from traditional to modern. Every detail is explained from how the hands and feet should be placed to how it should feel and the weight it carry. Always excellent ❤



"Fantastic dance classes"

Dancing since 2017

Have been taking classes with Adele for 8 months now, and can’t recommend her highly enough. All of her classes Workshops and boot camps are great fun but taught to a high standard both Latin and ballroom. She offers classes at all levels from beginner to advanced. I leave every class with a huge smile on my face. If you want to learn to dance you should definitely come along.

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