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Welcome to the Live to Dance EU website

We are very pleased you found your way here.


Hopefully you are thinking about taking your first steps towards learning to dance, or maybe you've danced before and are looking to get back to it. No matter at what stage you are at of your dancing journey we are here to help.


Dancing is fun, energetic, inclusive and helps with social skills, confidence and literally changes lives. Many of our students have made life long friendships and partnerships through our dance classes. We believe we are a community, not just a dance school. We promote social inclusion and aim to eradicate social isolation.

Our Mission

We want to teach the world to dance, we're sure we could bring about world peace one day through the love of dance, but we're taking it just one step at a time for now.


Our aim is to bring affordable, accessible classes to as many adult dancers as possible. We don't believe there should be a price or location barrier which excludes people from learning to dance.

We want to make the world a better place through dance, we know it's possible.

Our Vision

We want to create opportunities for people to experience and participate in dance.


Through dance we are changing lives and transforming communities.  


We have a vision of a world where dance is a part of everyone’s life and our mission is to make dance important to all individuals, communities and society by promoting excellent dance practice.

We share our vision with the People Dancing Foundation for Community Dance

Our Values

Delivering excellence.. with dignity and respect

Acting with courage.. to challenge what isn't right

Never giving up.. we're changes lives forever

Creating a community.. one step at a time

Everyone is welcome.. we want the world to dance

Why learn with us?

  • Everybody is welcome with or without a partner. We switch partners regularly throughout our social dance classes so no one gets left out.

  • Most weekly classes are drop in, pay on the day, so if you miss a week it doesn't matter. Only the  'taster courses' are paid in 1 block and this is always made very clear on our advertising.

  • No matter what shape, size, age or background you are from you are most welcome at our classes

  • We promise high quality, content filled classes that are fun and inclusive

  • We only have teachers who lead by example

  • If you have a physical or learning disability, or care for someone who does, then you are still most welcome at our classes. We'll discuss with you which classes will be accessible. 

Kind Regards

Adele Marsh

Creative Director

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