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Recording your salsa classes on video

The subject of recording your salsa classes on video is hotly debated amongst salsa instructors.

Some actively encourage you to record the things you have learned at the end of your lesson by demonstrating the move / techniques / footwork or routines.. others feel that you should have learned everything in the lesson and often don't like you to record in case you post the content to social media and this somehow reduces attendance at their classes.

For me it's an easy choice.. I encourage everyone to record their class.

Firstly.. there is nothing better than people posting my classes on social media, it's a way of showing everyone what they can be learning in my classes. Of course someone can use the video and try to learn the move on their own at home, but there is nothing better than actually coming to class and dancing with a real live person, not your imaginary partner in your living room

Secondly, if someone misses a class then they can review what they missed when someone shares the video with them

Thirdly, for my regular students who are trying their hardest to learn everything in my class I know I give them so much information they couldn't possibly remember it each week, so reviewing the video in between classes reinforces the original learning and jogs the memory. I always return to some of the previous week's learning and go over again at the beginning of the following week (if it is a regular weekly class)

Fourth, when you go to a Salsa congress you have more than lively spent a fortune, travelled hundreds if not thousands of miles to grab that special class with your Salsa hero / heroine and you want to treasure that memory forever in case you never get to see them again and you want to emulate every move you learned and there is no way you will do that without recording it!

There is an App for Iphone or Android with over 300 videos of salsa combinations and step by step instructions in an easy to follow format. They also have Bachata and Cha Cha if you're interested. The cool thins is that as well as pre loaded and available to purchase lessons you can also upload your own videos that you have taken in a class. You can categorise them by style, level and instructor. You can then replay frame by frame.. a great learning tool for the budding Salsero.

Take a look here:

See you on the dancefloor...

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