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How to dance at home without damaging your knees

Now that we are learning to dance at home more regularly we need to consider the type of floors we are moving on. If you're using a smooth wooden or laminate floor: You're probably ok with wearing your normal dance shoes If you're using a tiled floor: watch out as these are harder under foot - consider placing a cushioning insert inside your dance shoes, they can also be dangerously silippery Dancing on carpet?: ARGHH.. super resistant and bad for your knees.


The Dance Socks company: sell some great 'over the trainer' socks, designed specifically for dancing on carpet.. I recommend investing in these. T Doing Dance Fitness classes in normal trainers?: Dance fitness classes are best done on a smooth floor with dance fitness trainers that have specific 'spin' spots under the ball of the foot due to the amount of twisting and turning. However The Dance Socks company do a 1/2 sock that slips of the ball of the foot on a normal trainer allowing you to twist & turn with ease.. No need to buy an additional pair of trainers.. just slip these over your comfy workout trainers and you're ready to go (on a smooth floor, but if you're dancing on carpet go for the full foot version) Here is a link to a multi purpose unisex practice shoe for Ballroom, Latin & Salsa etc:

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