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Belfast Studio Re-opening Plans


We are currently working with the building manager to see how we can implement the Northern Ireland Government guidelines regarding re-opening the Belfast studio with the Covid19 restrictions.

This is where we are at so far:

- Foot or Hip operated bars have been installed on all fire doors - Other doors that are allowed to remain open have been fitted with fire-safe door holders so you don't need to touch any door handles - We have worked out a one-way walking system to the downstairs hall & dance studio - We have our floor markings ready to go and our 'spaces' planned in grids to observe the social distancing - We will be able to have 12 people in the Dance Studio and 20 people in the downstairs hall - All classes will have to be booked online via the app or website, absolutely no drop ins - Classes will be split for Solo Dance or Partner Dance and advertised accordingly - Any Partner Dance classes will be strictly no switch - you will stay with the person you booked with (more details to follow on this) - We will have hand sanitizers - We will take your temperature before each class - You will have to fill in a Covid19 Waiver form online on our website before EACH class - You will need to make sure you bring your own water bottle - we will not be able to pass out the cups of water - All classes will run promptly to timetable - you will need to remain outside the building until 10 mins before the class starts and you will be escorted through the building by one of my team in one group (yes, come rain, shine, hail or snow, there will be no waiting in the reception area, only outside) - Classes will need to finish promptly and we will have to ask you to leave immediately - sorry, no chatting indoors after class, you'll need to stand outside for this or go to the pub! - A full clean & air of the studio is required between classes - this may mean that the studio and/or hall cannot be heated in the winter - so we're still having a think on the impact of this as both will be freezing as you know without the heating - we may ask you to wear your thermal underwear!!

And if you're still reading now, thank you for your attention!

We're working really hard to get back to our in-person classes but it is going to take some time!

Kind Regards Adele

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