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In-Studio Salsa Partnerwork Classes are back!

Our new no-switch 7 week Salsa partnerwork classes start W/C Monday 2nd November 2020 and we're very excited. We're following all Government guidelines and we've gone over & above the requirements

3m by 3m squares in the Rehearsal hall - maximum 9 couples

3m by 2.5m squares in the Dance Studio - maximum 6 couples

How will the class format change?

  • The Dance Studio & Rehearsal Hall will have clearly marked boxes to ensure physical distancing is maintained

  • Dance steps & class content will be adjusted to reduce travelling movements beyond your allocated box

  • We need to keep the energy levels steady, so music tempo will be moderate throughout each class (no fast crazy dancing)

  • Instructors will keep music volume a little lower than usual so they don't need to shout over the music

  • Partnerwork classes will be strictly no-switch - you will need to book and attend with your own partner who should either be from your own household or from your Covid support bubble - You will need to stay together for the whole course

  • In the Partnerwork classes our Instructors will have their own teaching assistant and they will not be able to switch partner with you, or dance with you to correct the technique, they will however guide you through instructions & demonstrations

Class Booking Arrangements

  • All classes have to be booked online via the app or website, absolutely no drop ins

  • Our studio management software (PTMinder) restricts the numbers of bookings and places classes at ‘FULL’ so no further bookings can be taken if we reach maximum safe numbers per class

  • PTMinder will clearly show VIRTUAL or IN-STUDIO Classes when you book

  • PTMinder will clearly show SOLO or PARTNERWORK Classes when you book

  • PTMinder will auto-email you clear instructions for entering / exiting the building after you book a class

  • PTMinder now requires people to complete a Health Questionnaire upon registering or when logging in if you haven't logged in for while - you will only need to do this once

  • PTMinder will remind you to complete a Covid Waiver Form on our website before EACH class

  • Personal details may have to be provided to the Vault and the NI Track & Trace in the event of a Covid19 positive case connected with the studio – Your information will not be released without your permission unless under these circumstances

So here's the Salsa Partnerwork Schedule from W/C 2nd November:

Beginners Level 1 Thursdays 7pm to 8pm Ground Floor Rehearsal Hall Maximum 9 Couples £60 per person - 7 week course Beginners Level 2 Mondays 7pm to 8pm 2nd Floor Dance Studio Maximum 6 Couples £60 per person - 7 week course Intermediate Levels 1 to 3 Wednesdays 8.30pm to 10pm Ground Floor Rehearsal Hall Maximum 9 Couples £70 per person - 7 week course

Improvers Levels 1 to 4 Wednesdays 8.30pm to 10pm Ground Floor Rehearsal Hall Maximum 9 Couples £70 per person - 7 week course

You must book all the above classes as usual through the PTMinder App or on the class schedule page here: 

We look forward to welcoming you back to the studio

Kind Regards Adele

Keep safe and Keeeeeeeeeep dancing!!

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