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Social Dance Etiquette


Here are a few tips for the new Social Dancer


  • Always ask as many people to dance as possible in the practice session. Men and Ladies can ask each other. NEVER say no to a dance, it can really knock someone’s confidence to be told no. Do not dance repeatedly with the same partner, usually 1 Salsa and 1 Bachata with someone is considered the etiquette per night... for a social ballroom night it would be 1 ballroom and 1 latin dance.

  • Try to ask people from levels above and below you. You will learn a lot from people above you and you will be able to help people below you…We all had to start somewhere.

  • Make sure you wear soft soled shoes that slip easily on the floor.. invest in a pair of dance shoes as early as possible (suede soled). Men especially should not wear hard outdoor leather shoes that can seriously hurt a lady if you tread on her toes. If you don’t have dance shoes yet please wear soft pumps. Websites for shoes are: ,, ,

  • Please be aware of your personal hygiene. Dancing will make you perspire, that can’t be avoided. However you should bring deodorant and spare T shirts / Tops to change into throughout the night. You can also use a flannel or small hand towel to deal with excess perspiration.. No-one wants to dance with a very sweaty person!

  • Breath freshener, mints and clean teeth are a must.. try not to each a particularly strong smelling food before you come dancing.. especially garlic.. it’s not pleasant for you fellow dancers!

  • If you are waiting for a dance, wait on the edge of the dance floor standing up, look ready to be grabbed and taken on the floor. Generally if you are not wanting to dance / taking a break you should sit down away from the dance floor. If you are sat down all night and don’t get a dance, don’t complain.. the general etiquette is to wait by standing on the side of the dance floor.

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