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Video Library INFO

We fully support blended learning, a mixture of in-person and online learning to accelerate progress. We have created 2 options to help you access our dance video content remotely and learn to dance & practice at home.:


Video Library Channels

The video library contains hundreds of hours of content previously taught during Adele's online and in-person classes.


Each dance style has it's own Channel within the Video Library.

Each  previous 'live' broadcast has been uploaded into the relevant video library channel, along with any short lesson summaries / practice routines.


Adele also adds pre-recorded tuition content to each channel such as shines (footwork) tutorials, body movement, styling tutorials etc as well as short summary recaps from the end of the in-person classes.

Within the dance video library are the following Channels:

  • Solo Ballroom & Latin

    • Beginners

    • Improvers

  • Solo Club Style Cha Cha

    • Beginners

    • Improvers

    • Intermediate

  • L.A. Style Salsa (both Solo & Partnerwork)

    • Beginners

    • Improvers

    • Intermediate

  • Dance Fitness (for all levels):

    • Salsa-Fit / Latin-Fit / Jive-Fit / Dancercise all with Adele

    • Strength, Core, Stability & Barre Workouts from Adele + other online tutors

    • Stretch Workouts from Adele + other online tutors

On Demand Video Courses

These are specific courses, at a particular level,  with a number of videos taking you from Point A to Point B in your learning in a particular dance style. 


These are priced individually and are a one-off payment for lifetime access. This is very new and takes a long time to create a course. Current courses are:

Beginners Solo Salsa Introduction

Beginners Solo Club Style Cha Cha Introduction

A Beginners Guide to Salsa (Knowledge)

These can be found in our 'ONLINE COURSES' page here

How the video library works:

  1. If you haven't signed up as a FREE member yet, you will be asked to create a login & password and this will also be your members area login

  2. Once you have selected your SILVER Membership, your plan is designated to your Members Area profile

  3. Whenever you visit our site you need to login in at the top right hand corner

  4. Once logged in, the Video Library Pages will automatically appear under the 'ACCESS TO VIDEO CHANNELS TAB'.. you might need to reload your page (F5) after initial signup.

Our Video Library Channels:

Dance Fitness

  • 30 mins / 45 min & 1 hour options

  • Beginners specific workout channel with clear instructions & repetition of steps - learn each dance style separately

  • Latin-Fit (2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023)

  • Salsa-Fit (2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023)

  • Jive-Fit (2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023)

  • Dancercise (2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023)

  • Simply Stretch (2020 / 2021 / 2022)
  • Blitz & Barre (2020 / 2021 / 2022

  • Strength, Core, Stability & Barre Workouts (2023)

  • Stretch Workouts (2023)


Keep fit, work up a sweat, tone & strengthen whilst incorporating many dance styles such as Ballroom, Latin, Bollywood, Ballet, Disco etc


Solo Ballroom & Latin

  • Designed for Solo dancers, no partner required

  • International Ballroom: Viennese Waltz, Slow Waltz, Quickstep, Tango

  • International Latin: Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba & Paso Doble

  • Social Ballroom: Foxtrot & Jive

  • Previously broadcast 'live' classes plus pre-recorded technique tutorials and practice routine summaries for each dance style

In our Beginners Solo Ballroom & Latin classes we take a slower pace and work on the equivalent of the Pre-Bronze Syllabus steps of each dance and then build up a nice short practice routine suitable for dancing at home in a small space without a partner. These classes are great for getting the hang of the steps, the timing of the music and the essence of the dance & practising alone to polish your skills before dancing with a partner.

In our Improvers Solo Ballroom & Latin classes we head straight into some great footwork and choreography to a lovely piece of music - plenty to challenge the brain and the body! Improvers Classes are working on the equivalent of Bronze steps from our Syllabus. The classes are divided equally between Ballroom  & Latin.

If you are looking for Ballroom & Latin online videos for partnerwork, we highly recommend Passion 4 Dancing with Leon Turetsky. You can find his video library subscription info HERE.

Solo Club Style Cha Cha

  • Previous LIVE broadcast 1 hour classes - in 4 or 8 Wk progressive sessions.

  • Solo Footwork (Shines) for Beginners, Improvers & Intermediate

  • Short practice routines provided at the end of each class

  • Full list of Footwork Syllabus videos for Beginners, Improvers & Intermediate


L.A. Style Salsa

  • Partnerwork for Beginners , Improvers & Intermediate

  • Solo Footwork (Shines) for Beginners, Improvers & Intermediate

  • Short practice routines provided at the end of each Solo Footwork class

  • Full list of Footwork Syllabus videos for Beginners, Improvers & Intermediate - follow & repeat as often as you need

  • Learn multiple turning & spinning techniques

  • Learn body isolations (how to move head / shoulders / chest / hips independently of each other)

  • Ladies Styling Classes for Improvers & above

Video Library Info

FAQs about our Membership


How do I signup for the FREE Website Membership?

It's easy.. just click on the bar in the top right hand corner which says SIGN UP / LOGIN and create yourself a login using your email address and a handy password of your choosing. Wait for the confirmation email from our system and click the link within it saying you agree to signing up.

Why should I sign up?

To access great information about your dance journey, your dance bookings, video subscriptions etc. Also to receive email notifications about Blog posts with details of new video releases, the monthly dance schedule and important news updates.


I hate getting lots of spammy marketing emails, will you be sending me these?

Actually NO.. we hate them too!

And we're not that great at marketing as we're too busy teaching our classes

We believe our students & members are fully capable of self-service on our website and will login when they need to get information or access the video library.

We will only send you important information on upcoming classes around twice a month, and a monthly summary of the new videos uploaded to the video library.

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