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Cha cha footwork for Beginners

Here is a short video of some Beginners' level club style cha cha footwork. You will see basics, side basics, slides, 5 cha cha steps forward and a little syncopated (delayed) cross behind.

Cha Cha footwork steps are an excellent way of practising your knowledge of timing, making sure you can stay on time throughout.

We also use footwork steps in a line up or warm up and when we dance with our partner and then break away on our own (this is called shines).

Try practising these basic footwork steps on your own to a nice piece of cha cha music.

One song recommendation is Rico Cha Cha Cha by Grupo Latin Vive. It has a nice steady beat for Beginners.

Here;s a link to it on youtube:

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