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Wedding First Dance

Bride and groom holding hands with a wedding bouquet

Your first dance..... that special moment

Your wedding day is as unique and special as your relationship with each other. We know that over the last few years, Youtube has become a wealth of inspiration for First Dance routines as well as the rise in popularity of wedding entourage dances such as:

  • Wedding Entry Dance for the Bridal Party

  • Father & Daughter Dance

  • Mother & Son Dance

The Wedding day and the preparations for it are stressful enough without worrying whether you are going to totally freeze when you step on the dance floor for your Wedding First Dance.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We know that not one solution fits all. We will tailor your learning package according to your schedule, personality, wedding style, dance ability, & budget.

Our job is to get you ready to step on the dance floor with confidence, as well as enjoying the most special day of your life.


We work with complete Beginners who have never danced before, right up to those who are dancing every week. We know how to bring the best out of you and your partner.

We will teach you to dance with patience, encouragement, empathy and understanding.

Lessons can be delivered at our Belfast or Strangford (Downpatrick) studios or online via Zoom (video conferencing) in your the comfort of your own home. 


We also include detailed video breakdowns of your routine, danced by us, as necessary, to ensure you have mastered every single step.

Choreography for your Wedding First Dance


Your Wedding dance will be specifically choreographed to your needs.

We’ll also discuss the precise timing that your dance will occur on your day, whether the Bride’s dress is suitable for dancing in or whether she’ll need a change of dress, how to choose your wedding dance song, what will fit in with the feel and/or theme of your wedding, how much alcohol you might propose to consume before the dance, where your videographer needs to stand to capture the dance..  and many other things you won’t have thought of that can have implications on your dance.

Even if you just want to keep things simple and need some help with confidence to get on the floor in front of your guests, we’ll give you some basic lessons to just feel great whilst holding your partner and looking lovingly in their eyes. You’ll begin to dance like no-one is watching you!!


We will help you to create an amazing, memorable dance which you will cherish forever. We’ll tailor it completely to your needs so you’ll feel confident and enjoy the moment as much as your guests will whilst watching you.

A bride and groom in an embrace

So, whilst every couple’s need is different and we will tailor a package & price to your needs we have describe below some popular example packages in a hope to give you some estimates for your wedding budgeting.


Contact Adele to for an initial chat to discuss your requirements:

A photographt of white roses with a pair of wedding bands laid over the top
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