Meet the Belfast Team

We have a number of Teachers, Teaching Assistant and Support Staff joining the Belfast team from September 2020 for the new academic year.

Salsa & Cha Cha Programme

Our Principle Instructor & Creative Director, Adele Marsh, will be delivering our Salsa & Cha Cha programme for 2021 - 2022, supported by one of our new teachers Paul Holmberg teaching Beginners.

Bachata Programme **NEW**

We're delighted to be adding Bachata to our regular weekly programme with our new teachers Paulina & Guillermo (From P&G Bachata).

Rueda Programme (onhold due to Covid)

Mark McComiskey (From Rueda Belfast) is looking after the Rueda classes, although these are currently onhold due to the Covid-19 restrictions

Ballroom Programme

Adele will be running small group no-switch private lessons for up to 3 couples at a time whilst COvid restrictions remain.

Dance Fitness Programme

All dance fitness classes are being delivered by Adele


Paulina & Guillermo (P& G Bachata)

Together Paulina & Guillermo are 'P&G Bachata':

"We have been dancing bachata together for over 5 years. We even met during a bachata class back in 2016! Bachata since day one has been the main dance we’ve connected through and our objective for these classes is to promote bachata in all of its versatility in Northern Ireland. We just want to spread the love for this amazing dance and we hope you’ll join us!"

Paulina Pajak

Paulina has been dancing Salsa & Bachata formally for 5 years, and also met her partner Guillermo through social dancing. Paulina loves to keep fit and enjoys Latin Dance Fitness classes such as Zumba. An HR Professional by day and a keen dancer by night, Paulina brings sophistication and a sense of calm to Guillermo's energy, but watch out, she's a tough task master in her classes! Paulina is undertaking formal Dance Teacher Training with The Dance Guru Social Dance Teacher Academy alongside her partner Guillermo. 


Here's what Paulina has to say about her love of Bachata:

" Bachata is by far my favourite dance style, I love everything about it, from the music to the fast footwork and the sensual movements that are part of the modern trends in the dance. Some would say it was my dance first love, and since then, there is not a single day that goes by where I don´t sit with Guillermo and watch our favourite dancers demonstrate to what heights this dance can be elevated to! I hope to be able to transmit to you how special this dance is to me, and through the classes maybe we can inspire some of the bachata love in you!"


Guillermo Marrero


Guillermo has been dancing Salsa & Bachata formally for 7 years. However, coming from Spanish heritage and being brought up on the Island of Lanzarote, Merengue & Bachata have been a part of Guillermo's life since he was a child. Recently establishing P&G Bachata with his partner Paulina, he is also undertaking formal Dance Teacher Training with The Dance Guru Social Dance Teacher Academy. We are delighted to have Guillermo join our Teaching Team. We love Guillermo for his friendly, smiling face, cheeky moves and his incredible energy. Look out for his Reggaaeton & Merengue line-ups at our social sessions, they're hot, hot hot!


Here's what Guillermo has to say about his love of Bachata:

"Bachata holds a special place in my heart, it is a beautiful dance that enables the dancers to develop a strong connection. The music is incredibly varied, which allows dancers to interpret it in all sorts of styles and moods, you can go from happy, fast and furious with a good Dominican track to slow, flowy and sensual with some of the slower modern tracks. It is that connection, versatility and that ease of interpretation that make this dance so special. With Paulina, I hope to be able to show you just how amazing a bachata dance can be, and help you develop the tools required to make every bachata dance an awesome experience."

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Paul Holmberg (Beginners Teacher)

Paul has started dancing in 2014, as a way to keep fit after retiring from intensive Ju Jitsu training after suffering several injuries at Black Belt level.  Since then Paul has developed a love of L.A. Style Salsa, Puerto Rican Salsa, Cha Cha & Bachata.

Paul has been a part of the Live to Dance EU business since 2016 in the Support Team; helping to run social events, workshops, bootcamps & holidays, but not teaching. Finally, In 2020, during lockdown due to Covid19, Adele convinced Paul to take his Level 1 Teaching Qualifications so that he could support with the Beginners classes.

We welcome Paul to the Teaching for September 2020 where he will support Adele in delivering the Salsa & Cha Cha programme and P&G Bachata in delivering the Bachata programme.

Kyla Smyth (Teaching Assistant)

Bio coming soon

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