Essential Information about our Social Dance classes


Adele teaches adult dance classes in social ballroom & latin dances generally in blocks of 6 to 8 weeks (by the Half Terms). Our classes are held in Greenisland, Larne & Belfast.


Some classes are drop in / pay as you go, which means you can pay week by week & it doesn't matter if you miss a week. 


Other speciality courses or 'taster' courses require an up front payment for the whole course on Week 1 or before with pre-booking through this website. If pre-booking is required it will always be stated and is generally because we will be limiting the class to smaller numbers to help with the  learning experience.

Payment terms are always stated on each advert or class listing

In the Beginners level, you can join at anytime in the course if you feel that you have some previous knowledge or will find it easy to catch up.


You can also repeat a course as many times as you like in order to feel more confident before moving on. In fact Adele recommends repeating courses especially in the Improvers & Intermediate levels.


You can only move on to the Advanced level by invitation - this is due to the nature of the partnerwork involved, which can be dangerous if you are not completely competent at the Intermediate levels.

Student Dance Levels are described as follows:

Beginners Level 1- Introduction

Beginners Level 2- Plus

Beginners Level 3- Accelerated

Beginners Level 4 - Move me on to Improvers


Improvers Level 1 - Fundamentals

Improvers Level 2- Plus

Improvers Level 3- Accelerated

Improvers Level 4- Move me on to Intermediate



Intermediate Level 1 - Fundamentals

Intermediate Level 2 - Plus 1

Intermediate Level 3 - Plus 2

Intermediate Level 4 - Accelerated 1

Intermediate Level 5 - Accelerated 2

Intermediate Level 6 - Move me on to Advanced


Advanced - by invitation only

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2019 - 2020 Term Dates As Follows:

Autumn Term 2: W/c Mon 04/11/19 - W/e Sun 22/12/19 (7 Weeks)

Xmas Hols: W/c Mon 23/12/19 - W/e Sun 05/01/20

(2 Weeks NO CLASSES)

Winter Term: Mon 06/01/19 - W/e Sun 16/02/19 (6 Weeks)

Half Term: W/c Mon 17/02/19 (1 Week NO CLASSES)

Spring Term 1: W/c Mon 24/02/19 - W/e 19/04/19 (8 Weeks)

Half Term: W/c 20/04/19 - W/e 03/05/20

(2 Weeks NO CLASSES)

Spring Term 2: W/c 04/05/20 - W/e 28/06/20 (8 Weeks)

Summer Break: W/c 29/06/20 - W/e 19/07/20

(3 Weeks NO CLASSES)

Summer School: W/c 20/07/19 - W/e 30/08/20 (6 Weeks)

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