Essential Information about our Social Dance classes


Adele teaches adult dance classes in social ballroom & latin dances at our dance studio in Belfast.

Classes are either Solo or with a Partner.


You will need to bring your own partner for the Couples Ballroom classes, if you don't have one we recommend joining the Solo classes as a start and then you will easily make friends and we can pair you up with another Solo dancer so that you can start to enjoy the partnerwork classes too.

If it says 'partnerwork' for Salsa or Bachata, then you can attend on your own and be partnered up with someone when you arrive, you also have the option to switch partners throughout the class (optional).

Classes are either weekly Drop-in where stated or short 6 or 7 week courses as advertised.

You can repeat a course as many times as you like in order to feel more confident before moving on. In fact we recommend repeating courses especially in the Improvers & Intermediate levels.


You can only move on to the Advanced level by invitation - this is due to the nature of the partnerwork involved, which can be dangerous if you are not completely competent at the Intermediate levels.

Student Dance Levels are described as follows:

Beginners Levels 1 to 4

Improvers Levels 1 to 4

Intermediate Level 1 to 6

Advanced - by invitation only

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