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2019 - 2020 Term Dates, Class sizes & Online Booking system

I am just writing to let you know we have now released the 2019 - 2020 School Term dates. We will be running all our normal weekly classes across 6 Terms. This will allow us to plan our syllabus more effectively for each class and also take into consideration Half Term Breaks, Xmas Hols & Summer breaks etc. You will be able to pick up a handy printed version of these dates from me at your next class.

2019 - 2020 TERM DATES

Autumn Term 1: W/c Mon 02/09/19 - W/e Sun 27/10/19 (8 Weeks)

Half Term: W/c 28/10/19 (1 Week NO CLASSES)

Autumn Term 2: W/c Mon 04/11/19 - W/e Sun 22/12/19 (7 Weeks)

Xmas Hols: W/c Mon 23/12/19 - W/e Sun 05/01/20 (2 Weeks NO CLASSES)

Winter Term: Mon 06/01/19 - W/e Sun 16/02/19 (6 Weeks)

Half Term: W/c Mon 17/02/19 (1 Week NO CLASSES)

Spring Term 1: W/c Mon 24/02/19 - W/e 19/04/19 (8 Weeks)

Half Term: W/c 20/04/19 - W/e 03/05/20 (2 Weeks NO CLASSES)

Spring Term 2: W/c 04/05/20 - W/e 05/07/20 (9 Weeks)

Summer Hols: W/c 06/07/20 - W/e 19/07/20 (2 Weeks NO CLASSES)

Summer Term: W/c 20/07/19 - W/e 30/08/20 (6 Weeks)

Don't forget you can book into classes through the App or Website booking system to reserve your place at my classes. I am very pleased to say that we are starting to get booked up quite regularly and I would urge you to get on the App or the Web page and book into your chosen classes as quickly as possible. (Go to your App Store and download PTMINDER or go online here: to signup through the website)

This year I am going to be limiting numbers of students to each class based on the room size at each location and the level of competency of the class (Beginner/Improver / Intermediate etc) so that each class can run to maximum efficiency. I want to maintain the personal level of attention I can give to each student and safety in the class based on the space available. Please remember Ballroom classes run with smaller numbers as we move around the floor more than the Latin. So class sizes will be as follows: Classes run by me: Mon - Beginners Social Jive & Social Foxtrot in Larne - 16 people Tues - Ballroom & Latin in Greenisland - 14 people Weds - Salsa On2 Improvers in Belfast - 20 people Weds - Salsa On1 Intermediate in Belfast - 20 people Thurs - Salsa On1 Beginners in Belfast - 12 people Thurs - Salsa On1 Improvers in Belfast - 12 people Sun - Ballroom & Latin in Larne - 12 people Classes run by the venue: Tues & Thurs - Ballroom & Latin at Stranmillis College - 40 people Tues - Ballroom & Latin at Dance Addiction Studio - 12 people All other adhoc workshops will state on the online booking system how many places are available - which will normally be between 12 and 20 people. As you know, I wholeheartedly believe in giving my students the best possible learning experience and can only do so when the classes are restricted by level of competency and level of numbers.

Lastly, I would also like to say a huge thank you for coming to my classes and continuing to support my work. I hope I have in some way enriched your life through the discovery of dance and I can only continue to teach with your support. Here's looking forward to a happy and prosperous new school year! Kind Regards Adele Keeeeeeeeep Dancing!!

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