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Video Library News | 03.04.22

New Videos in the video library this week

In the Dance Fitness Plan:

Mon 28.03.22 Strictly Latin Fit

Tues 29.03.22 Salsa Fit

Weds 30.03.22 Jive Fit

Solo Ballroom & Latin Plan:


Solo Ballroom Cha Cha Practice Routine 2

Solo Samba Practice Routine 1


Mon 28.03.22 90 Min Improvers Slow Waltz & Cha Cha Full Class

Solo Ballroom Cha Cha Practice Routines 1, 2, 3, 4

Solo Jive Practice Routines 1, 1a, 2

Solo Viennese Waltz Practice Routine 1

Solo Slow Waltz Practice Routine 1

Solo Quickstep Practice Routine 1 & 2

Solo Paso Doble Practice Routine 1

In the members area:

Dancing Days TV Channel

A new Channel in preparation for LIVE Youtube dance surgery broadcasts.

Next LIVE broadcast: Tuesday 5th April at 8.30pm

Beginners Dance Tips Channel

A new Channel with videos answering Beginner's most FAQs. Helpful hints & tips on anything dance related. First video: "Dance shoes to wear for dancing at home"


What Dance Tips videos would you like to see?

I'm working on a new series of Dance Tips for Beginners & Improvers.. let me know your requests for specific dance tips and I will add these to the video planner. Write your requests in the comments below.

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